Pim Voorneman, La Calisto (fragment), 2020


for Unlocked/Reconnected

+ accents from a private collection

04-06-20 > 12-07-20.

Let’s celebrate! Since the 1st of June, cultural institutions have opened their doors again after a period of closure due to the corona lockdown. To not let this moment slip by unnoticed, over two hundred cultural institutions in The Netherlands are participating in the collective exhibition Unlocked/Reconnected. Every institution selects one artwork that reflects on the meaning of ‘home’ and shows it in its entrance.

For Parts Project, Pim Voorneman made the installation Entre ’21, a work that makes the transition between ‘closed’ and ‘open’ palpable. Entre (French for ‘between’) is an installation about place, time and contemplation. As can be expected of Voorneman, he brings about an interplay of different elements that is both disruptive and intellectual, together form a web of meaning.

With the current world news of BBC World Service playing continually in the background, the visitor moves through three parts of the installation: #1 Antichambre, #2 How Soon is Now? and #3 La Calisto. With the title Antichambre, Voorneman refers to the reception area, with How Soon is Now? to the eponymous number by the British pop group The Smiths about social isolation and craving love. The third part refers to the seventeenth-century Italian opera La Calisto by Cavalli, in which themes such as longing, expectation, temporality and eternity come together. These grand themes are highlighted directly and indirectly by the carefully selected objects Voorneman displays in Entre ’21. He invites the viewer to rethink concepts that have acquired new significance in recent events: change and continuity, inside and outside, physical and mental space.

Voorneman doesn’t take the definition of ‘entrance’ literally and takes over nearly the whole floor of Parts. In the remaining space, accents from a private collection have been put on view, amongst others Robert Holyhead, Marijn van Kreij, Samara Scott and Philomene Pirecki.



Unlocked/Reconnected is an initiative of Dürst Britt & Mayhew and tegenboschvanvreden.

Listen to BBC World Service
Listen to How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths
Listen to a fragment of La Calisto by Francesco Cavalli