Tal R, Walead Beshty, Pim Voorneman, Nora Schultz, Chris Martin, Marlie Mul, Rashid Johnson, Richard Aldrich, Jan Pleitner, Stephen Prina, Jonas Lund, Mohamed Bourouissa, Walter Swennen, David Shrigley

11-09-16 > 06-11-16.

Once a work of art leaves the artist’s studio, it embarks on a new life. It’s crated, transported, propped against the wall, and finally uploaded, hung, switched on or placed atop a pedestal to be presented to the public for a time in a museum, gallery or online showcase. Most people only witness this period of exhibition, but every work of art is seen at other stages too. For a collector, looking at art isn’t something that ends when he or she leaves a gallery, website or museum; it happens at home, in every room of the house.

Art’s changing context has a profound effect on looking and therefore on our reception of a work. The exhibition ‘Show me your vital parts’ investigates and emphasises this continually shifting process of looking in a total installation by the artist Pim Voorneman (1961). At PARTS’ request, he creates an installation containing works by Rashid Johnson, Tal R, Richard Aldrich, Nora Schultz, Jonas Lund, Marlie Mul, Jan Pleitner and Walead Beshty on loan from private collections.

Guided by the conviction that art can never be autonomous but is always influenced by its context, he takes a particular interest in the phases an artwork passes through once it has left the artist’s studio. In his installation for ‘Show me your vital parts’, he seeks to bring out these various stages in an indirect way and to activate other senses besides vision.

Finissage with a special composition made and excecuted by accordeonist Hans van der Maas on 6 November, 3 PM.

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