Legal name

Stichting Parts Project

Trade name


RSIN (legal entity registration number)


Street address:

c/o Magnoliastraat 1

2565BW Den Haag

(postal address only, no exhibition space)

+ 31 6 28 90 06 91


PARTS seeks to contribute to the broadening of the Dutch art climate by staging exhibitions that take a collector’s perspective.

Consciously or not, collectors run ahead of mainstream art opinion. They travel frequently and therefore find out about new developments quickly. They notice new work earlier and are often among its first buyers. Collectors’ specific choices, purchases, experiences and opinions – which tend to be personal, ahead of the curve, and unforced – will guide the development of PARTS’ programming.

PARTS will show works from a range of collections, focusing on artists, periods and movements that for various reasons remain underexposed or unseen in other Dutch exhibition spaces, such as museums and commercial galleries, despite their apparent or proven quality and/or importance. PARTS will show work by established midcareer artists as well as young artists from the Netherlands and abroad.

Through its activities, PARTS aims to keep collectors enthusiastic about the importance of the collections they have built and encourage them to share their art. PARTS also hopes to act as a stimulus for active and budding young collectors.

Strategic plan

Download an outline of PARTS’ strategic plan here.


Cees van den Burg, chair
Arne Westerhof, secretary
Rik van Klink, treasurer
Maarten Verhoef, committee member

Remuneration policy

The foundation is non-profit; board members do their work pro bono. As per the statute, the board members of the foundation will receive neither a fee for their services nor an attendance fee for their presence.

Current report of activities and financial statement

You will find our financial accountability and the report of activities carried out by us here (Dutch only).